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Gardening Your Life: Grounding

"Grounding" is the first book in the Gardening Your Life series. Psychologist and author, Dr. Heidi Vermeer-Quist has found that mental health is a lot like gardening. We need solid grounding. When we grieve it feels like pruning, but it is necessary in order to work through hurts and losses. Through this process we learn how to let go of lies of myths we thought were true. Then we grow and prosper as we participate in a grateful community. All along the way we need to soak up the nourishment God provides for life. "Gardening Your Life: Grounding" is an excellent book/workbook to use in a small group, therapy group, or just on your own. It will equip you with solid psychological skills and Christian spirituality to garden your life!

Gardening Your Life: Grounding

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